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Weekend trip to Newfoundland

Air Canada had a 24 hours sale, so I jumped the gun. Left on a Friday at 5am go back to Toronto at 7am and straight back to work.

Flew to St John’s, rented a car, stayed at a hostel, woke up at 4am to catch a sunrise at Cape Spear, kayak on rough seas, hiked up Signal Hill, hiked the East Coast Trail and ate all the cod fish I possibly could.

Ever experienced culture shock within Canada? Go to Newfoundland. Canadians are friendly, but Newfies are 10x friendlier. They’ll invite you for a beer, invite you to join them for dinner yet they just met you 2 mins ago, drive you to where you need to go because you asked for direction. Crazy! Would go again!

Proof that I did the East Coast Trail. About 3.6km – that counts, right?

signal_hill_st_johns_newfoundland admirals_cove_newfoundland_01 cape_spear_newfoundland_01 cape_spear_newfoundland_02 cape_spear_newfoundland_03 east_coast_trail newfoundland_01


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