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Toronto-based Creative adventurer with his sidekick, Zoe

To contact me, please send an email to jeffctin at gmail dot com

I enjoy almost anything that involve the left side of the brain. Since I could not afford to go to school for photography, I ended up teaching myself everything. 2008, I started shooting weddings, while I was in school for Graphic Design.

Currently learning Spanish. Going to Colombia without knowing a single word of Spanish was a mistake. Dios Mios

I would spend my weekends playing around with Illustrator and Photoshop. Shortly after, I started learning InDesign and Lightroom.

I cannot watch a movie without analyzing the cinematography and lighting, which led me to start learning how to film and edit videos.

I spend lunch time sketching, molding new ideas and more sketching at dinner time. Currently partaking in /r/sketchdaily and Inktober.

Up at 5am on weekdays to throw some weights around and hiking on weekends to tire the super energetic no-legged dog.